APV Basics ATMP “Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products”  | KN 6859

28.04. - 29.04.2021 | live online workshop, Germany


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A correspondingly oriented transfer of knowledge is currently not offered on the market. The pharmaceutical industry falls back on expert events that overwhelm many employees due to their scientific demands.

This course provides an introduction to the topic of “Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products”, or ATMPs for short, from the perspective of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

Basic knowledge is offered about the nature (what are ATMPs? how do they differ from other drugs?), the special features (how is the current state of the art in production, quality control/specification, storage and transport defined?)

and the regulatory requirements of ATMPs (how do the ATMP-GMP rules introduced in Europe in 2017 and binding since 2018 differ from those for active ingredients and medicinal products?). The course has a special focus on the requirements for GMP-compliant manufacturing and quality control.


Formulation scientists and engineers in the pharmaceutical industry or academia who want to learn more about the possibilities to utilize HME for implant development and manufacturing. Educational and case-study based lectures are accompanied by video footage to experience real hands-on practice. The final panel discussion is a good way to interact with your peers and get your question answered by our presenters.


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