Using Hot Melt Extrusion for development and manufacturing of implants and injectables  | KN 6858

16.03.2021 | live online workshop, Germany


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Formulation scientists and engineers in the pharmaceutical industry or academia who want to learn more about the possibilities to utilize HME for implant development and manufacturing. Educational and case-study based lectures are accompanied by video footage to experience real hands-on practice. The final panel discussion is a good way to interact with your peers and get your question answered by our presenters.


Injectable Implants have a distinct advantage for certain applications, as their efficacy over a long period of time can increase patient compliance and the drug substance is applied in a non-systemic manner. Development and manufacturing of those implants often involves polymers as a matrix what makes twin-screw extrusion a perfect technology for their development. Yet it is a comparatively new technology and this seminar aims to give an introduction as well as real-life examples what to look out for when entering this field of pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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