Manufacturing Classification System for oral solid dosage form:  | KN 5039

How is this being applied in practice? 08.10.2020 | interactive pollings, Germany


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This online seminar will give an introduction to the MCS concept forthe development of oral solid dosage forms (tablets and capsules). It will give case studies of its application throughout the drug development process in the areas of formulation design, process development, materials science and characterization of both API and drug product. Input is needed from the community as we plan a one-day Expert Meeting in 2021. There will therefore be opportunity for discussion around the path forward for the MCS initiative, as well as barriers seen to future implementation.


The seminar may be supportive for all scientist and experts across all areas of thepharmaceutical industry (from drug substance to drug product, from engineering to clinic), and experts from the regulatory authorities, as well as from academia.


Industry 30,00 €
Authority/University 30,00 €
Students (full time students) 15,00 €
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