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General Sponsoring Opportunities

The following should provide a general overview of different sponsoring opportunities, but we provide an extra list for most of our events and also offer tailor-made packages. So if you are missing a sponsoring opportunity, please feel free to contact us.

Valentina Marinkova
Phone: +49-6131-9769-90

Sponsoring Package Small Events Congresses / Conferences
Coffee Breaks Yes Yes
Lunch Breaks Yes Yes
Dinner / Gala Dinner Yes Yes
Conference bags No Yes
Insert / Flyer for conference bag No Yes
Lanyards No Yes
Pens and notepads No Yes
Sticky notes No Yes
Advertisement in final programme No Yes
Internet Café No Yes
Wireless Connection Yes Yes
Information Terminals No Yes
Water dispensers / Soft Drinks No Yes
Welcome Reception Yes Yes

Prices for the individual packages depend on the size of the event, please contact us for further information.