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Essential Patent Workshop  | CN 3230

How to draft, analyse and circumvent a formulation patent 19.04. - 20.04.2021 | Berlin, Germany


Victor's Residenz-Hotel Berlin
Am Friedrichshain 17
10407 Berlin
Phone:+49 (0) 30 21914-0
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The workshop is primarily designed for pharmaceutical professionals working in drug product development who frequently encounter patent issues, either as inventors of novel formulations or manufacturing processes, or as developers of drug products in the face of substantial third-party IP whose infringement must be avoided. Moreover, the course will be useful for pharmaceutical experts engaged in technology scouting, drug delivery technology development, in-licensing activities and due diligences.

Typical roles of participants include:

  • Formulation development scientists/managers
  • Drug delivery technology scouts
  • Project leaders in (technical/pharmaceutical) drug product development
  • Liaison managers working at the interface of pharmaceutical development & IP
  • Pharmaceutical experts in licensing & due diligence teams

Target groups

This hands-on training course was developed to enhance the patent skills of pharmaceutical professionals who already have a basic knowledge of patents and their role in the pharmaceutical industry. The main objective is to convey advanced practical patent know-how with particular relevance for IP issues regularly occurring in drug product development. The successful participant will be enabled to immediately apply the acquired skills, provide high-quality input to project teams and decision-makers, avoid common pitfalls, and collaborate effectively with inhouse or external patent attorneys. 

In particular, the successful participant will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate the technical details of potential inventions and contribute to the evaluation of their patentability 
  • Provide and/or review high-quality draft patent applications or invention disclosures
  • Support the prosecution of patent applications by providing the responsible IP experts with useful technical insights
  • Provide correct and relevant input to enable patent search experts to perform meaningful prior art and freedom-to-operate patent searches
  • Collaborate with IP experts in interpreting the claims of third party patents and developing viable circumvention options
  • Contribute to freedom-to-operate analyses by providing relevant technical expertise based on a solid understanding of the underlying IP issues

Cooperation partner(s)

Pharma Patents International AG

Registration fee

3203 Essential Patent Workshop (19.-20.04.2021): Industry 1,490.00 €
3203 Essential Patent Workshop (19.-20.04.2021): Authorities/University 745.00 €
3203 Essential Patent Workshop (19.-20.04.2021): Students/full time 178.00 €
3203 Essential Patent Workshop (19.-20.04.2021) plus 3234 Advanced Patent Workshop (22.-23.11.2021): Industry 2,680.00 €
3203 Essential Patent Workshop (19.-20.04.2021) plus 3234 Advanced Patent Workshop (22.-23.11.2021): Authorities/University 1,340.00 €
3203 Essential Patent Workshop (19.-20.04.2021) plus 3234 Advanced Patent Workshop (22.-23.11.2021): Students/full time 356.00 €
All prices plus VAT(19.00% VAT)



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