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Making science work

Find out how

APV: Driver of pharmaceutical progress

APV is the independent, international and interdisciplinary scientific organisation focusing on pharmaceutical technology and industrial pharmacy. Our goal is to deepen the understanding in scientific research and practical knowledge in the areas of development, manufacturing, analysis, quality assurance, distribution and use of pharmaceuticals as well as medical devices and to educating all relevant professionals in order to provide effective and save health products for patient care now and in future.

We strive...

...for a future with the best medicines available to patients.

We promise... bring together the scientific and practical aspects to enable manufacture of the best medicines: "Making Science Work".

We are...

...the scientific association for Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy.

Our purpose is to...

...expand scientific expertise in development, manufacture, analysis, quality assurance, distribution and usage of pharmaceuticals, to impart this knowledge to professionals and to support young scientists.

We offer... independent, non-profit platform for:

  • active participation in interdisciplinary working groups
  • individual networking with enthusiastic, like-minded colleagues
  • workshops, conferences and trainings of highest quality

Benefits of APV membership

As a member of the APV you can experience to drive progress in pharmaceutical sciences and affairs as well as your personal success.

How we work:

  • Interdisciplinary: networking and knowledge exchange across the disciplines
  • International: a leading international society in the pharmaceutical sciences
  • Independent: non-profit organization 

Who we are and what we stand for:

We are contributing to the future of the pharmaceutical sciences and affairs through our culture of an open and cooperative exchange of knowledge and ideas among energetic and enthusiastic colleagues. 

„Making Science Work“ is an individual and collective experience, personally satisfying to all those involved.