Biopharmaceutics meets Formulation Development – Setting justified Drug Delivery Targets  | KN 6768

11.04. - 12.04.2019 | Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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One central goal in developing medicinal products is to have for the drug just the right dose for the right time at site of action to assure optimal therapy for the patient. To achieve this central goal an understanding of drug delivery and its relation to the formulation is key.

PK/PD correlation links pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics to establish and evaluate dose-concentration-response relationships and subsequently describe and predict the effect-time courses resulting from a drug dose. On the other hand, the drug release profile from the formulation forms the input to the pharmacokinetic profile.

Thus, a well-characterized PK/PD model is an important tool in guiding the design of future experiments and trials for the preclinical, clinical and of course formulation development of drugs. It can be used with preclinical data to mathematically describe the dynamic in vivo behavior of new drug candidates, and to predict human exposure and effect based on preclinical models as well as directing demands in drug release profiles. In the clinical phase of product development it can also be used to further optimize dosing and formulations for target patient groups.

During this seminar you will learn how PK/PD can be used together with in vitro and in vivo models to help you during formulation development to explore the advantage of tailor-made drug delivery solutions and to better evaluate drug release and efficacy.


This seminar is addressing Pre-formulation scientists, Formulation development scientists, DMPK Scientists (Biopharmaceutics), Related disciplines (auch as regulatory affairs, project management…), Modelling and Simulation scientists (DMPK and Formulation related) as well als all members from Health Authorities.

Please Notice: Limited places for full time students available; written evidence must be submitted.



  • Bring together Biopharmaceutics and formulation development experts
  • Inform about current use of modelling and simulation and how it impacts the work of formulation development experts and overall project timing
  • Understand key success parameters by case studies
  • Discuss “setting clinical relevant specifications”


Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Hanenberg, Catalent (Germany)

Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Hanenberg (1965) studied Pharmacy at the University of Marburg between 1987 and 1991. In 1997 he received his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Since 1999 he holds the title “Specialized Pharmacist for Analytics (Fachapotheker für Analytik)”.

Uwe has 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Bayer, Altana Pharma, Grünenthal and Catalent in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Product Development, Manufacturing, Packaging and related Projectmanagement.

Uwe is since more than 20 years member of of the APV and of the DPhG.
His areas of expertise are oral formulation development, oral manufacturing technologies, stick pack technologies and pharmaceutical contract services.

Currently Uwe acts as Product Development Director at Catalent Schorndorf and acts further as Director for Science and Technology for Catalent Europe.


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