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ODx and MBx - Orodispersible and Mucoadhesive Buccal Formulations  | CN 6580

29.01. - 30.01.2015 | Innsbruck, Austria


Austria Trend Hotel Congress Innsbruck
Rennweg 12a
6020 Innsbruck

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Target groups

• Pharmacists and other scientists
• Engineers and technicians working on ODx and MBx
• Everyone working in:
• Pharmaceutical Development
• Manufacturing
• Regulatory Affairs
• Quality Control
• Business Development


Various orodispersible drug formulations (ODx) and mucoadhesive buccal drug formulations (MBx) have been recently introduced into the pharmaceutical market. These innovative medicinal products are either based on orodispersible tablets (ODTs), films (ODFs), lyophilisates (ODLs) or granules (ODGs), or on mucoadhesive buccal tablets (MBTs) or films (MBFs). New dosage forms like orodispersible mini-tablets (ODMTs) already appear on the horizon.

The new dosage forms are intended to release the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) for local action, e.g. corticosteroids or local anesthetics, or systemic availability by absorption through the oral mucosa, e.g. antiemetics or and pain killers. Still, there is confusing wording in scientific literature, pharmacopoeial monographs and the labels of the existing products.

This seminar will reflect on the recent developments and innovations in formulation development, manufacturing and quality control, biopharmaceutical methods for characterization and regulatory issues.


Dr. Kathrin Bartscher
Prof. Dr. Jörg Breitkreutz
Dr. Michael Horstmann

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1,290.00 € 1,160.00 €
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