The Promise of 3D Printing in Pharmaceuticals and Dietary Supplements:  | KN x

Quality and Standards Considerations 13.07. - 16.07.2020 | online workshop, United States


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The past decade has seen the rise of 3D printing for personalized medical devices, including recent progress related to personalized health and wellness (finished dosage form pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, bioprinting, etc.). USP and International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) will be co-hosting a free virtual workshop series focusing on exploring progress of 3D printing of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements near or at the point-of-care, opportunities and applications and how guidances and standards could help ensure quality and enable innovation


  • 3D Printing enthusiasts and innovators
  • Pharmaceutical industry stakeholders and manufacturers working or interested in 3D printed pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products
  • 3D Printer hardware and software providers, medium/material suppliers
  • Point-of-care healthcare practitioners including pharmacists, physicians, etc.
  • Industry professionals interested in 3D printed product quality management, regulatory affairs and R&D functions
  • Business and science leaders from personalized health related companies, academic institutions and professional/advocacy organizations


  • Engage key stakeholders to explore progress in 3D printing related to personalized health and wellness applications
  • Discuss current quality management and emerging needs in areas such as:
       Definitions and terminology
       Production process – across common stages
       Assessing of material properties 
       Design optimization
       Testing / certification / verification
       Other: product customization framework/parameters
  • Begin to identify hypothetical product and ingredient monograph-level considerations (e.g. Resins)
  • Gain understanding of best practices available and challenges

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