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APV Expert Workshop Tableting  | CN 6681

26.04. - 27.04.2017 | Dortmund, Germany


Technische Universität Dortmund
Emil-Figge-Str. 66-68
44227 Dortmund

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Target groups

Addressed to everybody who wants to gain insight into theory and practice of tableting during development, production, and quality control. The course is targeted at academic staff and experienced laboratory or manufacturing employees who seek a better understanding of processes, formulations and their interactions in order to gain an overview of tableting issues.


Tablets are the most important and most common form of medicine worldwide.

In the past few years scientific knowledge has emerged, especially in the field of tablets, which allows us to turn from the "art of tableting" to a knowledge-
based development and production of tablets. On this basis the participants will be offered the basics of formulation development and the production of tablets.

In small groups the internship is conducted under the supervision of experienced instructors on various tablet machines ranging from production to development presses. Each participant will actively participate in trials for the production of tablets and various methods for their characterization. On the basis of selected examples, typical approaches and solutions are shown, which are subsequently discussed in detail.

At the end of the course, the participants should have basic knowledge about the solution of tableting tasks. The focus is on the natural sciences and engineering aspects of tableting. Regulatory aspects, such as cleaning or validation are not dealt with.

Dedicated lectures dealing with:
• Formulations
• Mechanical properties
• Compression and compaction theory
• Process induced transformations
• Minitablets
• Data acquisition
• Compaction simulators
• Predictability of tablet properties
• Technical concepts of tablet presses

Registration fee

Industry 1,690.00 €
Authorities/Academia 845.00 €
Students (full time) 178.00 €
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